The Joys of Courier Deliveries

People like to moan about the postal service but as a parcel recipient they are an absolute joy to deal with compared to couriers. Today’s experience with DPD is a little extreme but they are no better or worse than any of the other courier companies in operation in Ireland. Bear in mind that this is for a package that I’ve provided an Eircode for but that hasn’t made it through the chain of IT systems involved in getting a package from the UK to Ireland

Steps to Receive Package from DPD

  1. Receive delivery notification email 30 minutes before delivery window starts
  2. Frantically try to contact home to see if anyone is in.
  3. They aren’t so use spiffy online system to change delivery date.
  4. Receive delivery notification 45 minutes before window starts.
  5. Notice voicemail 2 minutes after window ends. Then notice delivery notification. *Note that in rural Ireland phone calls can be a bit unreliable
  6. Check voice mail. Phone number left on mail unintelligible due to network drop out (see note on 5) but it doesn’t match caller ID.
  7. Attempt to call back on caller ID. Voicemail message name does not match driver name but leave messages there and on best guess of the unintelligible number.
  8. Try both numbers three more times over the next hour
  9. Go on website to try to get back electronically. Not possible to use spiffy system as I apparently used up my life on step 3.
  10. Register with website to see what options are there.  Parcel not in the system
  11. Download app and register that. Parcel not in that system either.
  12. Try online live chat. That doesn’t work at all
  13. Try online form. That doesn’t seem to work as there is no indication that message was sent – no confirmation email.
  14. Check Spam just in case for 13.
  15. Ring phone number. Read out tracking code 5 times before guy gets it right. Get number for depot
  16. Ring Depot – All he can do is put it out again tomorrow when there will almost certainly be nobody in and I’ll have to return to step 4 again. Leave Eircode with him just in case.

Steps to Receive Package from An Post

  1. Be at home. Package arrives. Job done.
  2. If not 1, go to post office and get package from nice lady. Job done.