Catching Up

Between the state of the weather and a load of work I’ve been doing around the house, I haven’t managed to get out a lot over the last month but I did manage to get in 7 walks around the forest over the period.


Everything seems to about a month late this year and some things aren’t really doing very well . We had blackberry blossom in fine form right up to the end of July and not a sign of berries forming yet.


Around the middle of July I saw my only bit of cuckoo spit so far this year. This is a defence mechanism for some sort of beetle larvae and is normally a real feature of the summer. It would appear that these guys aren’t doing so well this year.



Anyway, over the course of July I only managed about 30km but I suppose it is better than nothing. I’ll hope to be more back into the swing of things over August.

659 km