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Lost Pony

It was a pretty normal lunchtime walk on a grey overcast Wednesday. My legs were still a bit tired after the weekend’s exertions but it was good to get out. There was a bit of excitement today as I came across a pony almost as soon as I entered the forest. The dogs were very excited about this and they whined and barked the whole way round which didn’t help as they just drove it further along the path. It finally managed to get past us just before we rejoined the road.

2016-03-23 13.06.19

235 km

The fine weather continues

I’ve got a few days off in a row again due to the St. Patrick’s day weekend and so have managed to do quite a few walks while the fine weather continues

It gets so much easier up in the forest after a dry week since the job of negotiating the soft bits isn’t quite so difficult.


There is still not much sign of buds or willow catkins but there are a few daises appearing. Not a lot else has developed since.


I’ll be breaking my run of forest walks tomorrow since I’ve got a long walk planned. It hasn’t been a bad run of walks with five walks in the last 7 days. It is getting quite rare that I actually have a day where I don’t go to Dublin and don’t go for a walk.

189 km

Drying out

I’ve managed three walks in three days which is pretty good going. At the rate I’ve been going this year, I’ll manage my hundred walks by the end of September. Anyway, we’ve had a couple of dry weeks and the difference up the forest is amazing. Quite a bit of it is drying out nicely and it is a pleasure to finish every walk with dry feet.


There even seem to be a few more people around there. There was a car parked up this morning and I am pretty sure I heard a dog barking in the forest yesterday so it is nice to see the place being used.


That’s really about it. Amazingly we still have holly berries on a few bushes which is really very strange at this time of year. But spring certainly seems a bit late – there is very little budding activity so far.


176 km

Plodding Along

Not a lot to report over the last couple of walks – a quick early morning loop on Sunday and a lunchtime loop today. The main news is that the first of the primroses are out.


Not a lot else aside form that. I managed to get around both times without getting wet.

163 km

Change for the better

It was a fine sunny morning so we all got changed and out for a walk immediately after breakfast. It was a really beautiful ┬áspring morning which made for a change after all of the stormy wintry weather we’d had during the week.┬áThe frogs have certainly been busy – the whole path was covered in frogspawn in one spot.


The gorse is also getting going into full flower after its brief couple of months of partial dormancy. It seems none the worse for wear after the last couple of weeks of cold weather.


We came around to the fallen tree which is quite awkward having fallen right across the path but we can manage.


Anyway, it was nice for a change to have a walk where we weren’t battling rain and wind.

Stormy Wednesday

Wednesday morning arrived along with storm Jake – our 10th named storm of the season so it was quite a nasty wet morning with flurries of snow. However, by lunchtime it had dried up quite a bit even if it was still quite windy and cold.

So we donned our boots and braved a quick look in the midst of the storm. This proved to have been somewhat unwise as in one spot we came across a fallen tree that couldn’t have been down for more than an hour. Quite spectacular really – you could smell the roots in the air.


After this, we beat quite a hasty retreat and didn’t hang about since it was quite likely that another might come down after it.

154 km

More lunchtime walks

I had a fabulous day for walk on Wednesday with some fine wintry sunshine even if it was a bit cold.

2016-02-24 13.12.41

I got out again on Friday when it wasn’t so great. But still it wasn’t raining which is always a positive. Not a lot to report as I was somewhat lost in thought and away with the fairies while walking.

146 km

Still on my Own

Over the last few weeks I’ve really go into the swing of getting out at weekends and have been averaging more than 3 walks a week. I nipped out on my own for the longer loop immediately after breakfast.


It was a fine winter’s morning – a bit cold but it was dry. Indeed it would have been a very good day for hitting the hills but I wasn’t organised enough. I’m hoping to get out for the day next Saturday. The new boots are still behaving themselves – dry feet again today. I could get used to this.

92 km