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Attempting Another Geocache

As the fine weather continued into the afternoon we decided to go and look for another geocache in Newcastle woods.


We started along the Inny walk from the carpark and quickly passed Newcastle house which is on the opposite side of the river Inny.


We decided to leave the finding of the geocache until the end of the walk and we ended up going quite a long way for Newcastle wood.


We completed a figure 8 walk and then headed back up to look for the geocache but unfortunately failed to find it as we were supposed to be looking under a mossy rock in sea of mossy rocks. We’ll have to try again another time.

457.5 km

Looking for a Geocache

As it was a fine evening, I decided to go out for a few kilometres on the canal to try to find a geocache with the children. We set out from Abbeyshrule village to give ourselves a reasonable length of walk as the cache was supposed to be up around Bog Bridge.


We had a fairly uneventful walk along the canal aside from a bit of a stop for the children to pet a pony. The blackthorn is starting to flower in places so we’ll have a riot of white hedges for the next couple of weeks.


We managed to keep up quite a pace, probably due to the exciting nature of our mission. Once you get a couple of kilometres out of Abbeyshrule you are in proper bogland.


We got to Bog Bridge and according to my phone still had a few hundred metres to go. This is a particularly remote area due to the bogland. We found the location thanks to the good description on the geocaching website.


We wrote up the notebook and took a couple of pictures before setting off back. It was a fair distance out of Abbeyshrule so we managed 7.5 km

448.5 km