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Uisneach Tour

This wasn’t primarily a  walk but there was a bit of a hike involved and I had a few nice pictures so I figured I’d do a quick blog post about it. We went over to Uisneach, the ancient spiritual centre of Ireland for a guided tour on Sunday and it was a very interesting outing.


I won’t say much about the history or myths as the people there are very much better at that than I would be but suffice to say that there was a very good tour given that involved laser eye, flaming swords and possibly even a visit from Darth Vader. I should have suggested that Bealtaine could have come from Star Wars day – May the 4th.

This is the Earth Goddess – and she’s looking very well.


The landscape up on the hill was quite odd. It had some upland appearance about it but there was a little lake up there. Of course the lake has all kinds of historical and mythical significance being the place where the Sun God Lugh met his end.


They have some quite cool carvings up there. This is Lugh.


This is our erstwhile band of travellers on our way to the Catstone.


Our guide for the day pointing out how if you squinted and perhaps took off your glasses the catstone looked like a cat.


Another view of the catstone


I though the landscape was quite odd on the hill. There were little clumps of hawthorn bushes everywhere which gave the place quite a stark feel.


We had a nice day out and it was a very enjoyable tour. For more info have a look a the uisneach.ie site or their Facebook page.