Fabulous Crisp Winter’s Morning.

Day 1

Today I’ve decided to start writing a few notes on my walks in the forest on Ardagh mountain mainly so that I can remember for myself how the place changes over the year. Although this isn’t actually my first walk of the year, I’m going to count today as day 1. I don’t expect to walk every day but I typically average out at about 3 days a week so my 100 day goal for the year seems pretty achievable.

2014-01-11 10.21.38

Today was one of those days where I just couldn’t miss getting up the mountain. While this has been a pretty mild winter, we had one of our hardest frosts so far and the air was spectacularly clear. So I got the dogs ready immediately after breakfast and we set off for a brisk walk around.

The road was so slippy that I ended up walking on the verge most of the time – even the dogs were finding it a bit tricky. It was fine once we got off the road but it was quite chilly. Nothing really out of the ordinary but the view from the top was absolutely amazing – the clearest I’ve seen for quite some time.

The walk through the forest was pretty uneventful but it is all very wet at the moment.