Morning Walk

We all got ourselves organised for a walk after breakfast which was very welcome as a means towards loosening my legs after yesterday’s exertions. It was a fine dry morning and as we weren’t in too much of a rush, we decided to have a bit of an explore of the work that the forestry people were doing back in the autumn.


For some reason, they dug this rather large hole and there is a corresponding huge pile of spoil just by the entrance.


After that we went off on the normal double loop but I took the shorter branch as we had a very tired little girl on the walk with us. It was a nice morning for it. It was a fairly unremarkable walk though – we even made it round quite quickly considering.


I had noticed quite an interesting orange tree-fungus earlier in the week in the ditch on the boundary of our land so I took a couple of pictures at the end of the walk as it was quite pretty.


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