Wandering round Coolnahay

As my dad has a new mobility scooter we wanted to find a good spot to take him for a wander and Coolnahay came to mind as it has a good solid path and not too many obstructions. So we set off for a wander on a fine May afternoon.


Oddly enough, for a place that normally has so many people about it was quite deserted. Still it was a lovely peaceful time. Conscious of the range of the scooter we turned round at about 4 km although if I’d known how close we were to Ballina we should have gone the rest of way.


There were loads of cowslips around – they seem to do really well in the undisturbed grass. When we got back to Coolnahay we came across an interesting sight – a racing pigeon was having a rest on the bridge.


He was really tame and came right up to my daughter. That was a nice end to a nice relaxing walk.

568 km

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