Another fine lunchtime walk

Day 59

Another fine lunchtime and I managed to get out for a walk. It was a fine clear day and things were still pretty dry up there. Visibility was clear to the horizon. We were up on one of those other hills at the weekend at Uisneach but unfortunately it was too wet and misty to be able to look back.


Our thistle is still making progress but it is getting a bit more difficult to take a clear picture of it, especially when you have a dog pulling at you eager to get on with her walk.


We continued tramping round at a reasonably good pace with not a lot else going on. I did spot this rather pretty little orange flower growing in the gravel path. No idea what it is.


After that it was back into the covered tracks until we spotted a wasps’ nest about 5 minutes from the end.  There seems to be a lot of wasps about this summer for some reason. We have something in our bottom field that is rooting them out – probably a badger.


So all-in-all that was quite an interesting little walk between our flower and the wasps nest.

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