Long lunch

Day 3

Normally I take a quick stroll around the 4.5km loop in the woods over lunch when I’m working from home. Today it ended up taking a bit longer than normal as I was taking quite a few photos with both the big camera and my phone.


The gorse is really getting going now although it is still very early in the year. Probably to do with the mild winter so far. The weather is pretty good today but with a bit of a haze interfering with the limit of visibility. Here’s a shot of the manor house in Ardagh that I took from the top of the hill. I guess I was about 1.5km from the house.


Aside from the frequent photo stops, there wasn’t a lot remarkable about the walk. Everything is still quite soggy but the going was fairly reasonable.

2014-01-15 13.07.10

After an incredible autumn for fungii there are still a few of the more boring types hanging about in the darker spots. It was a bit of a struggle for my phone to get a decent picture  but I did try.

2014-01-15 13.35.31

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