Not on my own today

Day 4

Today’s was the first one of the year with my family and it is nice from time-to-time to share it with some others although I do find a lot of the benefit I get from the forest is from being on my own in nature. Anyway, we got out for an hour after the initial wails of protest and it was very pleasant after having spent the past few days indoors.

2014-01-18 14.12.14 - Copy

It had been quite a misty morning but it had mostly cleared up by the time we set out.  The walk was quite a normal one really, not a lot to see as the visibility wasn’t really up to much with the remains of the mist. As it has been dry for a few days the place has started to dry up a bit but it is still quite wet. The bluebell plants are looking quite forlorn in some places, most likely because they didn’t really flower last year. Hopefully we’ll get a decent spring this year so that they do well.

This is the area that normally comes alive with bluebells in the spring but it is all looking a little sad right now.

2014-01-18 14.41.50

Anyway, we had a pleasant though unremarkable walk. We did have an exciting moment when we got home as one of the dogs caught a rat and promptly dispatched it.

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