Another walk with my family

Day 5

Another fine day for the time of year so we decided to all head out again although with the usual objections from the kids. Anyway, we got our act together and had a lovely brisk walk around the loop. The dogs enjoyed themselves as did we.

For such a dull day it was surprisingly clear with visibility well up in the 30km range. We could clearly see the church in Granard and the hills at Coole were fairly clear. I only had my phone with me so this is the best I could do in the way of a picture.

2014-01-19 13.43.46

We did have a bit of drizzle on the way around but nothing too nasty. I’ve dropped in a picture of one of the ruins in the forest and will write a bit more about what’s about another day. The walls of this one were substantially intact until about 6 months ago when a local farmer decided to do a bit of quarrying in it so as to get stone for some walls.

2014-01-19 13.48.43

I suppose the stones are better off making up a nice road-side wall somewhere as opposed to making up an old house in the forest.

We all had a nice walk and had a bit of a laugh about spotting one of the cats about 15m up a tree towards the end.


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