Mushrooms Everywhere

Day 68

So now I’m back to normal, writing up  a walk the morning after. I’m also back to being marginally ahead of schedule after a somewhat slack month of August. I nipped out for a walk in the afternoon with one extremely happy child and two even happier dogs in tow. The mushrooms are still in fine fettle so I figured on dropping in one non-mushroom picture before I get stuck in.


Once we left the bright part of the walk we started coming across all kinds of mushrooms. They really are everywhere this year


Some of them are beginning to look a bit past their best


My daughter was very exited to be mushroom hunting and she spotted this one hiding hiding under cover


I’ve been waiting for this one to make its appearance where we spotted them last year. The classic toadstool


I spotted this one on a log on the open path. What incredible patterns



This is the tree fungus from last week looking a bit the worse for wear


Another one past its best


We had a grand walk today. Aside from mushrooms and blackberries, everything else is starting to die back for the winter. You definitely get a sense of the approaching autumn.

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