Will the mushrooms ever stop?

Day 69

I had intended to make this a mushroom-free day but there were so many new ones that I couldn’t resist it. It was just me and the dogs today but the weather was fine and it is still warm enough for walking without a fleece.


At the top, there are a few pines doing quite a good job of seeding themselves along the side of the path.


On the path down from the top, these guys were growing in the open in among some sphagnum moss. Although they look like flowers, they are actually mushrooms.


A little bit further on and under cover, I found this really interesting-looking tiny purple mushroom.


Finally, after a bit more, these guys are decaying quite badly now.


It was quite a slow walk as I was messing about a bit taking photos but an enjoyable trip round the forest. My new cheap boots leaked slightly unfortunately.

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